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Renting your Home?
Want to get on the Property Ladder?
Buy With HUGE Leverage!
Renters, are you fed up of paying other peoples' mortgages?  

Are you finding it hard to rent and save up for a big enough deposit

Is your credit history not quite shiny enough so you need some time for a small blot to disappear? 

Are you self-employed and kicking your heels waiting to have enough accounts to satisfy the lenders? 

Have you heard of tenant buyers? 

Join Clarus' Tenant Buyer Network and find your own home - FAST!

Buy Fast With the Experts
  • Use maximum leverage
  • Buy fast and smart
  • Buy without a mortgage
  • Trusted company nationwide
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Are you sick of looking at magnolia walls and brown carpets? 

Is it time that you were able to move into your own home and look at your own walls and your own carpet? Well, you can. You don't have to wait until your saved deposit is big enough to get a decent mortgage. You don't have to wait until that CCJ drops from your credit score. You don't even have to wait until you have enough accounts before a lender will even speak to you. 

Benefit from the security of owning your own home. 

You could move into the house that will be your home within 21 days. Move in now and make it your home. Do you love  pink carpets and blue spotted walls? Go ahead. Do you dream of a spa bath and a fancy multi-headed shower? Go ahead. Or do you just want somewhere where you can spread your roots and make friends with the neighbours because you know you are going to live there for years to come? You can. 

Agree a purchase price with us now and agree terms with us to suit you and your circumstances. Join us now and enjoy any equity growth over the rent to own period, plus enjoy the added value when you make the house your home. 

Simply sign up and join our list, or pick up the phone and talk to us.  Property and people are our passion and we love to talk to like minded people who share the same ethos as us - and don't worry, we aren't a call centre, we aren't a huge national who will bombard you with calls and emails - we hate that too - we are the people who are doing it and making it happen - just have a look at the bottom of the page to see what our clients and customers say.

About Us
David Fernley 
- Managing Director -

 David does the deals. David is passionate about property and people and works tirelessly to find solutions to help owners resolve their property problems. David works closely with our investors, partners and solicitors to enable the whole process to work quickly and smoothly.
Amanda Walker Fernley
- Marketing Director -

 Amanda overseas all the marketing and IT requirements to ensure that we provide the best advice to as many as people as we can. Amanda also works with Tenant Buyers to ensure that they can finally achieve the dream of owning their own home.

Our family had been renting for years and we were fed up of not knowing if we would still be there for Christmas. We needed security as the kids were starting school. Thanks to David and Amanda we were able to choose our new home, move in and start planning a new kitchen straight away. 

I'm self-employed and it's annoying to have to wait for my accounts. Thanks to Clarus we can start our home now and speak to the banks in a couple of years. 

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All personal information that you provide here is completely confidential.

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